Why Do Dogs Lick Each Others Eyes - You Might Be Surprised To Know!

Dogs have been known to use licking as a means of appeasement. Almost all social dogs lick other dogs, regardless of their relationship or affiliation. While it drives some dog owners crazy, most dogs don't mind the behavior. So, why do dogs lick each others eyes? Here are some reasons we have figured out that may help you answer!

Reasons why do dogs lick each others eyes

Companionship And Bonding 

Dogs have a physical way of showing their affection to one another. While licking may be a spontaneous act, it can also be used as a social form of communication between animals. Dogs have a lot of body parts that they like to lick, and one of the most common is their eyes. 

Licking as a form of connection can occur between two dogs or even between dogs and their owners. They tend to lick a lot, and it is not something exclusive to the eyes. Dogs use their sense of taste when watching you and find comfort in knowing what your tastes are like by salivating on objects that have been close to your mouth.

Certain tastes emitted from certain body parts can encourage animals to lick them more frequently, so licking with some dogs may begin around the eyes and then spread outwards.

Grooming And Cleaning

Dogs can't clean all their furs, so they'll often have other dogs lick them if they have time to spare. Dogs also like to be groomed by others because it helps them get comfortable when overly excited. 

This is why your dog will lick your other dog's eyes, but only if the other one returns the favor and licks your dog in other areas as well. 

One characteristic of this behavior is that it has a considerable amount of pleasure behind it compared to other grooming acts like pawing and nipping. The spot they most often go for is the eyes because this category is usually displayed during periods when the dog is feeling calm and relaxed.

 why do dogs lick each others eyes - Grooming And Cleaning

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They Like The Taste

Some dogs might adopt the habit of licking each other's eyes because there is a taste to it that they enjoy. The juice of the eye isn't necessarily detrimental to your dog's health, as when a healthy eye produces salt, it is not hypoallergenic in any sense.

Because of the dogs' enjoyment in getting this treatment and doing something their owners cherish so much in return, they could start actively seeking it out instead of simply taking part in doing it when asked as a submissive gesture.

However, if your dogs lick other dogs too often, they can also suffer from chronic eye discharge due to environmental factors or scratched corneas and get eyelash mites. These factors make other dogs' eyes more likely to appeal to them.

Addictive Behavior

Your dog may have an anxiety disorder, which can cause intense stress that manifests into a need to lick your other dog. Typically, when a dog shows an obsessive behavior, like the continual licking of another dog's eyes, this is common if they feel anxious and have a lack of company in their life. 

To help alleviate these symptoms, it would be best to seek medical attention from a behavioral veterinarian who will be able to diagnose and design an appropriate recovery plan to help deter your dog's anxiety over time.

Submissiveness And Appeasement

Licking is often a submissive gesture. A good example of this would be something you might see when dogs meet one another for the first time, or two dogs meet their owner again after a long absence. When they greet each other by licking, it is usually a sign of affection to show that the lower-ranking dog is ready to please the higher-ranking dog. 

This behavior is also more likely if your dog does this eye licking more around aggressive dogs. Suppose it displays other gestures normally seen from submissives towards dominant individuals - like hanging its ears low or cowing to them when no aggressive tones are involved.

 why do dogs lick each others eyes - Submissiveness And Appeasement

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How To Prevent Your Dogs From Licking Each Others Eyes

After knowing why do dogs lick each others eyes, you should find some ways to avoid this habit to protect their health. Below are some useful solutions for you to try.

Ask Your Vet For Advice

It is common for dogs to lick one another. However, some dogs lick so much that it could cause serious health problems, leading to sores and infections. In this case, you really should get your dog to meet a vet and get treated. Alternatively, you could buy a dog cone to disrupt the behavior until your dog stops doing it.

Stop Encouraging Them

If you have rewarded your dog for licking your other dog's eyes, it might have learned that the behavior is acceptable. If this is the case, never give your dog attention when it does that or reward its behavior by petting it or stroking its fur. 

Instead, it would be best to reward it with praise or treats when there has been no licking.

Buy Your Dog A Toy To Lick

Another solution to this problem is giving your dog other things it can enjoy, like a rubber toy or a chew on a big bone. This will distract the dog from its bad habit and break the behavior cycle altogether. 

Is It Bad If My Dog Suddenly Licked Each Other's Eyes?

Dogs who lick their fur regularly are not uncommon, and it should come as no surprise to you if your dog starts licking other dogs during play or while they are walking down the street. It is a sign of showing affection that is completely normal under most circumstances. 

The important thing as an owner is to recognize when your pets have begun licking excessively instead of just once in a while and why dogs lick each other's eyes. There may be something wrong with them, such as digestive issues or allergies.

 why do dogs lick each others eyes - Is It Bad If My Dog Suddenly Licked Each Other's Eyes?

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Dogs lick each other's eyes for a variety of reasons. It is rather common for dogs to lick the eyes of the other dogs they are friendly with. Licking is a natural way for dogs to show affection, show that they are not a threat, and help create trust.

We hope that now you have fully understood why do dogs lick each others eyes. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you so much for reading!

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