Why Do Dogs Hump the Air? - Ultimate Reasons and Solutions

In fact, humping to the air is one of dogs' most common behaviors, and all of them own this activity. Sometimes, your dog may hump because of excitement, playing, or habit. In some cases, it is likely trying to draw your attention. However, there are still some alarming reasons that you need to care about. This article will deeply explain why do dogs hump the air and show many simple tips for you to stop it. Keep reading to get full of information.

Why Do Dogs Hump the Air?

So, why do dogs hump the air? Indeed, It is normal if you see your pet humping the air. Like so many of us humans do, your dog may sometimes find himself with some pent-up energy that he needs to release, which can lead to him humping or mounting things altogether.

There are several reasons dogs can mount or hump properly, which we will explore further down the page.

Like the First Activity in the Morning

All dogs can get a little itchy in the crotch. Humping is a common canine behavior, and there are many ways that they exhibit this normalcy. A dog will hump anything: objects, persons (people), or animals. 

Mounting or thrusting is when a dog stands over something and thrusts its pelvis back and forth against it to stimulate himself.

Dogs hump when they want to show dominance. That is the first sign of inappropriate behavior, and it should be discouraged immediately by its owner or a trained professional. It's best to distract your dog with a placed treat or some attention to redirect its focus elsewhere.

Therefore, humping the air may be one of the morning-shift habits of dogs which is the first reason for the question “why do dogs hump the air”.

Because of Excitement

It is likely that sometimes, the activity humping your dog's air shows his excitement. The reason may be the fact that another animal wanna play with him. 

However, it is necessary to remember that excitement is not the only reason dogs hump the air. Since you are intimately aware of your dog’s various habits and moods, there’s no need to assume something is wrong unless you habitually ask, “Why do dogs hump the air at all times?”

Sign of Dominance

Dogs can get very worked up sometimes, and it seems as though they are trying to assert dominance over other dogs. While this is true to some extent, there are many other answers to the questions of why do dogs hump the air or another animal or person, including insecurity. 

Having such a huge stature compared to us humans coupled with lacking knowledge about what else to do can often make a dog insecure. Humping is also an easy way for dogs to control their surroundings, especially when they know what will happen afterward.

Behavior of Displacement

If the humping behavior of your dog suddenly increases and the humping frequency is spontaneous without responding to anything, your dog may be under anxiety.

 Why Do Dogs Hump the Air - Behavior of Displacement

Source: PetHelpful

Normally, when your pets want to release some much-needed tension in their bodies, they tend to mount. In this case, you need to find out why they are stressed. The reason may be related to a traumatic event or some changes that have recently appeared. 

If your dog spends time with another pet or animal that's no longer around, it may feel lonely and depressed. Or perhaps you've moved to a new house recently, and the smell of the clean-up products you use on it every day has become overpowering - this can cause your dog grief.

Maybe you have a habit of making lots of commotions when preparing their meals, and if this is the case, you should start altering that habit immediately because dogs are sensitive to those things too.

They Just Play

 Why Do Dogs Hump the Air -Source: Zencrate

Source: Zencrate

In the canine world, humping is a form of play. Dogs commonly hump their legs, toys, or even your furniture when they want to play. In cases where a dog has poor social skills or isn't getting enough attention from other dogs and gets overly excited, they might start to hump objects to get attention instead. 

For example, if you have a new puppy that likes to hump everything he sees, it’s likely because he hasn’t been properly socialized yet, or spent time with many other dogs like his momma would have in the whelping room of his original home. 

And finally, you might find that some humping will occur when there is no real reason for any sexual behavior to present itself at all in the first place.

What Can the Owners Do to Stop Their Dogs Humping?

After finding out the reason for your concern, “why do dogs hump the air”, you should choose an appropriate method to deal with it.

The best way to stop your dog from humping is by neutering them if it hasn't been done before (or if it has, for that matter), as humping often goes away after the procedure. 

It can take a few weeks to see the results, but your pet will likely behave better once it's over with. But, you can also try giving your pet some time-outs, which may help them learn how to control themselves and their urges.

If you suspect your dog is getting into humping behavior that might benefit from more training, your dog's character could be one reason why they are engaging in this type of behavior. Your dog is just looking for attention, and it might simply be trying to communicate.

At this point, you should call your dog with some short commands which they can immediately understand, such as “sit down”, “give it to me”, etc. If they can respond appropriately, you can give them rewards or sweety tastes.

 Why Do Dogs Hump the Air - American Kennel Club

Source: American Kennel Club 

In case you think that this kind of behavior can be attributed to some physical ailment or health problem, we advise seeking out a veterinarian who can rule out any such illnesses or disorders that may be causing this type of aggressiveness in your dog.

Besides, medical issues may contribute to or explain the excessive humping behavior. Take your dog to the veterinarian for a check-up if you can't seem to find an explanation for this problem. 

Perhaps it's dryness, neurological problems, or even a urinary tract infection contributing to the nonsensical humping behavior. Otherwise, consider meeting with a canine psychologist because they can help you and your dog learn how to cope with excessive humping.

Finally, each situation when answering the question “why do dogs hump the air” has a particular solution. You need to check carefully to have the best way to stop your pet from humping a lot. 


In reality, the humping behavior of dogs can result from many reasons. For each reason, you should choose a particular way to prevent it. 

Why do dogs hump the air? We believe that you have already understood carefully. If you need further information about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you at any time. 

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