Where Are Dogs Ticklish? Useful Things You Should Know!

Most dog owners can have more than one picture of their dogs laughing or being ticklish. And they extremely like these moments that only occur when dogs enjoy something. Many puppies love a belly rub or a good stretch, but they may act quite differently when their owners pet a spot. They may arch up when you scratch their back or stroke their ear. It looks like a touchy action. So where are dogs ticklish? The answer will be in this post! Let’s scroll down to find out more!

Are Pups Ticklish? 

Before getting to know ‘where are dogs ticklish?’, it is essential to explore whether they are truly awkward or not. 

Where are dogs ticklish

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According to studies by Stanley Coren, Ph.D., DSc, FRSC in Psychology Today, dogs can be touchy and even laugh like humans and some other animals. However, their laugh is a little different. It is more like a breathy and painting sound. 

Dr. Marty Becker supposes that a healthy dog will respond with a “scratch reflex” leg movement if you tickle it along its belly and back rip. There will be several urine dribbles when you use a full bladder to tickle your dog.  

Where Are Dogs Ticklish? 

Any parts of puppies can be precarious, for example, feet, ears, paws, armpits, neck, tail, and back. Yet, the most precarious part is the feet. They are even more sensitive than human feet, said the Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital, Australia. 

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That’s the reason why many puppies do not like nail trims. So if you touch their paws, you may make them crazy. 

Giving your lovely pup a gentle petting from head to tail will help you find its ticklish spots. The top two delight spots are behind the ears and the belly. 

But keep in mind that not all pups like to be tickled. So if your dog ignores or turns away when you tickle it, you must hold its ears back and stop laughing or start touching it. That way will show your dog that it is safe.   

Some Reasons For Making Dogs Ticklish 

Now that you know: Where are dogs ticklish, it’s time to unveil the reason behind.

The biggest reason for making your pups awkward is because they are nervous, just like humans. 

Whenever you tickle their feet bottom, they will normally laugh and may twitch it away. It is also like the reaction when they prick their feet on a thorn or touch something hot. 

To explain that, doctors say that when pets touch something that can hurt them, it will cause their muscles to contract, so they inherently and promptly move their feet away. 

Another theory for dog fickleness is that it is a defense mechanism. We all know that most tickling parts of their body are vulnerable and soft, like the human soles of feet. When there is any feeling on these sensitive parts, they will react and look ticklish. 

How To Know If A Dog Is Being Ticklish?

Where are dogs ticklish - How To Know If A Dog Is Being Ticklish?

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It is not difficult to know whether your dog is awkward or not because it will react whenever you touch its sensitive parts like paws, feet, tail, belly, back, etc. So if it shakes its feet or head, it feels tickled. 

Another way is to slightly amuse its pads on the feet and see how it reacts. In case it twitches its feet away, it is getting awkward. You may also blow some slight air onto its ears. When it begins to scratch the ears or twitch them around, you know that it is ticklish. 

Touching your fingers up and down its back will sometimes tickle it and make it shiver. 

Is It A Don’t To Tickle A Dog? 

This issue relies upon your dog’s reaction when you tickle it. Sometimes tickling can be painful and annoying or make your dog down in the mood. Some pups would like a little fickleness, but some do not like it. 

When your dog expresses signs of happiness, such as a relaxing and soft look, a waggy tail, or a doggie laugh, they are enjoying tickling. A lean into your hand is also a sign that the pup likes such tickly scratches. 

Nevertheless, any signs of dissatisfaction mean pups annoy being tickled. If they run away from you, it indicates that they are uninterested. 

Also, if they are uncomfortable, they will pin their ears back or stiffly swag their tail. And be careful to stop tickling whenever the pups snarl or growl. 

Generally, tickling is not always a good thing to do with your pups. Some will bear with it, but others will try to tell you to stop it. So, paying attention to what pups are trying to express and tell you is the best way to make them comfortable. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Puppies Actually Laugh? 

“Where are dogs ticklish” is not a mystery now, but do they indeed laugh? When you see your pups getting a pleasant gaze, squinting their eyes, opening their jaws without any tension, lolling their tongues, or pulling their lips a little at the corners, they laugh. These signs also show that they are relaxed and happy. 

Are All Puppies’ Feet Ticklish? 

Not all puppies are ticklish when you touch or scratch their feet. Some may have more awkward feet than others. If this issue makes it difficult to clean their feet, you may need a cleaner specializing in paw cleaning. 


In short, the post already gave you the answer to the question, “where are dogs ticklish?” Puppies can feel awkward in any part of their body, especially their feet. Not all pups like to be tickled, so pay attention to stop it when you see any unsatisfied expression in your pub. 

We hope this post is valuable to you and helps you take better care of your lovely dog. Please comment on the chat box below if there are any!

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