Two Older Dogs One Perfect Home

Let’s tell you about a wonderful store of two older dogs one perfect home. Keep reading to find out what it is right now.

“David Johnston and Danny Costa were not going to get a dog today,” David told his husband as they prepared to step out of their house to attend an adoption event. 

There was a plan in place: meet dogs today so they’d know what they wanted when it came time to adopt later on. In other words, no pressure—they were just looking.

That’s true. They didn’t adopt “a dog”. There are two dogs they brought home on that day. 

Let’s tell you about a wonderful store of two older dogs one perfect home. Keep reading to find out what it is right now. 

Way To Go Home 

Moon and Sunny had been found as strays in NewYork city at a kind of Care Center for Animal before Best Friends - an organization in NewYork - took them in. 

Two Older Dogs One Perfect Home - Way To Go Home


Since it was hard for them to come out of their shells, Best Friends tried fostering them so that they could feel comfortable about entering a new setting before being adopted out. While staying with Lina Lerentracht, these puppies felt safe and secure, allowing their true personalities to shine through.

She describes how she and her love would always share a loving moment every day before he went to work. 

Sometimes though, one of them would get grumpy with the other - but it was just their way of showing they cared in the only manner they knew how. Despite this behavior, they'd still snuggle up together at night and spend the following day together.

Linda was going to bring Moon and Sunny to the adoption events at the weekend. They hoped they could find new homes for this adorable pair of senior golden retrievers in these events.

Although it wasn’t clear how a home adopted them in the first place, no one can deny that these dogs deserve great homes where they would be loved and cared for; that’s what Danny with David was prepared to do.

Two Wonderful Dogs Look After Each Other

When Danny and David moved in together, Danny pitched the idea of getting a dog to David. He's always been an animal lover, but David was rather reluctant due to workaholic tendencies and an erratic travel schedule. 

Despite this, he had decided that it would be a larger one when they finally were able to adopt a dog into their home. 

However, plans can easily change as one needs to make sure the time is right before committing to any decision that has a financial and emotional cost involved, such as adopting an animal into your life.

As long as they first met Moon and Sunny in an event for adaptation pets that Susie’s Senior Dogs took place in, they knew right away that those were their dogs. Danny said that if you had not adopted right away, there would have been someone else doing that. They decided not to allow that to happen. 

They adopted Moon and Sunny on that day. They also re-named these two dogs, Sid and Frank. 

Two Older Dogs One Perfect Home - Way To Go Home


It didn't take long for Danny and David to realize that Frank loves being petted and enjoys lying on his back while being rubbed on the belly. They also quickly determined that Sid is a funny guy as he helps them with household items around the house because, unfortunately, he doesn’t have eyesight like he used to due to getting older.

David admitted that Frank and Sid were great dogs. They don’t need to worry that two dogs would be lonely whenever they go out. The reason is that these puppies can look after each other. David and Danny only need to bring a cushion for those to curl up. 

Since Danny and David brought Frank and Sid home, they have realized a new calmness in their house that had never appeared before. These two dogs changed the atmosphere at home. David said that the most wonderful thing they have was to adopt those, and luckily, they are not separated. 


Moon and Sunny are two wonderful dogs, and it is very lucky for them to be adopted by David and Danny.

Two older dogs one perfect home - these two dogs have changed their home after living together. Like a missing piece in their house, these two dogs were also their happiness in a long life.

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