The Gift Of A New Home - A Heart-Warming Story

Adopting a dog as the gift of a new home is a beautiful thing in this world. The following story of a seven-year-old German shepherd named Sienna proves that pets will always deserve to be adopted and live in a happy family.

Sienna waited in the Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay/Neuter Center in Los Angeles for a long time. She met many families who wanted to adopt her, but the results were not positive. Then, she could have come to believe that she'd never had her own house again.

However, Tom Smyczak, one of Sienna's caretakers at the center, still seems optimistic. He was so determined to help her overcome these struggles and meet future adopters. Staff workers at the center were confident that the ideal family for her was still waiting, and just with a little patience, they would come.

A Dog With Big Scares Inside

Sienna was terrified when she initially came to the Animal Services shelter in Los Angeles, where her previous owner surrendered her. She wouldn't allow anybody to come close to her, making it difficult for them to support her.

Then, Tom made the decision to make Sienna his personal project. Therefore, he waited patiently for her to take off her shield until she felt comfortable enough to allow him to pet her.

After feeling the energy from potential adopters, Sienna’s reactions were to bark, run, or hide in her cage. Some adopters may have assumed she was mad or unpleasant because of her behavior, but this was not the reason. Sienna's behavior was a result of her fear.

The Gift Of A New Home - Good Things Will Come

Dogs deserve to be welcomed to a new home

Dogs deserve to be welcomed to a new home 

One day, a 70-year-old couple, Susie and Bill Hoffman, intended to go to the Best Friends - Los Angeles center after seeing Sienna’s photo and story suddenly on the website. 

Michelle Flitcraft, an adoption expert, will always remember the day the couple made contact with her to arrange a time and meet Sienna. Sienna had been waiting persistently for years, and Michelle knew it could be an unforgettable moment.

When Susie and Bill came, Michelle observed Sienna quickly ran to them and unhesitatingly allowed them to keep her. That's when she realized she was witnessing something truly different. For the first time, Michelle saw Sienna calm and joyful with the couple she had just met. 

Perhaps, all Sienna needed was to find owners who could understand her. Finally, she had undoubtedly found them. Susie and Bill were soon on their way home with the senior German shepherd - the gift of a new home.

A Surrendered Dog Now Safe In A New Home

Today, in a home where Sienna can peacefully relax, she skillfully handles terrifying things like hand-held vacuums, electric doors, and microwaves. Susie and Bill are gentle with Sienna when she is terrified and help her calm down. They also try to decrease loud noises as much as possible and set a separate area in the house for Sienna if she wants a rest.

Most importantly, Susie and Bill prove to Sienna that her loyalty given to them is reciprocal. Sienna was once evicted from a house, and the couple wants to make sure that it won't happen again. Sienna is loved, secured, and safe in this home.


From the story of Sienna, you may realize that adopting a dog like Sienna is a wonderful thing. Every dog that you adopt deserves to be the gift of a new home. They once lost a home, but you will be their next hope when giving them your love, trust, and a long-term relationship.

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