The First Country Without Street Dog - Holland’s Strategy

Have you ever wondered how Holland became the first country without street dogs? While many people aren't aware of this situation, many still want to help the street dog population.

Have you ever wondered how Holland became the first country without street dogs? While many people aren't aware of this situation, many still want to help the street dog population. 

How did Holland Become The First Country Without Street Dogs?


Many countries around the world still debatably struggle with the problem of stray dogs. But one particular country has seemingly found a kind and humane way to deal with the issue. 

The Netherlands have demonstrated that the PSVIR method proposed by their government - picking, sterilizing, vaccinating, identifying, and returning is an amazing solution for curbing this problem.

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In the Netherlands, dogs have long been a sign of friendship and trust ever since the 18th century. When the dog tax was instituted, people started to fear them. 

Eventually, people were taxed just as much as they were paying for their pets, so they began to abandon their dogs on country roads. The streets quickly got overrun with pups abandoned by their previous owners.

The Netherlands decided to carry out sterilization days to spay/neuter pets. The special days were meant to help fight pet overpopulation and ensure that dogs were not left with medical problems after being sterilized. 

Almost seventy percent of the female dogs have gone through sterilization. In contrast, a further twenty-five percent underwent medical examinations to ensure they had received all the necessary vaccines.

Legal Regulations

The government passed a law to protect animals and an additional law about their health plus welfare. This new legislation encouraged owners to offer appropriate treatment to eliminate the abuse of dogs. 

Consequently, if owners didn’t follow the new laws, they could face severe punishment. Any mistreatment may result in a fine of up to $16,000 and up to 3 years in jail. 

In addition, the Dutch government has levied more taxes on dogs bought from pet shops. This way, strays will have a higher chance to be adopted.

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Other Factors

Besides these changes in the law, overall awareness of the subject was also pushed by a campaign in the whole state. People began to understand why dogs needed a home to live. And within two years, over 90% of the people adopted a canine from the shelter. They take care of these dogs as pets and even as their family members.

Thanks to everyone's commitment to making this happen, it has helped many homeless animals get adopted. So they now have a loving home instead of roaming around aimlessly on the streets.

Another way to cut down the number of stray dogs was the Animal Cops’ incorporation in 2011. This police force (essentially) was created to protect dogs all over the country. 

The Netherlands treats dogs more as family members rather than solely as pets and can often be found accompanying their owners to restaurants and shops, for example.

In the end, the fruitful result has finally come. In 2016, streets in the country were claimed to be dog-free!


Holland is known to be a very clean and beautiful country. Other than friendly people and great infrastructure, it is the first country without street dogs, thanks to the great work that the government did. 

They made sure that the street dogs in the country were taken care of. It is great, isn't it? So, it could be best if other countries in the world also follow this goal.

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