Good News For The Smart Cat Walking 20km To His Old Family

Have you ever heard of the amazing loyalty that dogs have to humans? No matter how far apart we are from each other, some dogs will go as far as risking their lives to be close to their owner.

Have you ever heard of the amazing loyalty that dogs have to humans? No matter how far apart we are from each other, some dogs will go as far as risking their lives to be close to their owner.

It's adorable when pets do things like this. But let's not neglect our furry feline friends. Just like dogs, cats have incredible loyalty and love for humans!

This article will tell you a story about a smart cat that has walked more than 20km back to his family, but sadly, the owners neglected him. Let's get started!

Smart Cat Has Walked More Than 20km.

Around four years ago, a family in Wake County, North Carolina, who had owned their cat Toby for three years, no longer wanted him, and they rehomed him with a new family. 

This cat didn't know that his owners didn’t love him anymore, though. He just knew that he cared about them very much and wanted to be close by again because this is where his home was. 

Smart Cat Has Walked More Than 20km.

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So one day, Toby escaped from his new home 20km away and made the walk back to the place he'd always called home – where his original family still lived!

A Family Attempts To Get Rid Of Their Cat

Thanks to his previous owner, Toby was given to a young family, believing he was too rowdy to stay at home. 

When Toby's new owners brought him home, they were shocked when they noticed that Toby would sit outside their door and meow every time they came in and out. 

The family soon realized that rehoming him wouldn't keep them away from him, so they decided to take the cat to a vet clinic instead. 

Fortunately, it didn't take long for the staff at the clinic to notice Toby's predicament. And rather than put him down as requested by the family, they immediately saw what needed to be done and called SPCA, who were able to come to pick up Toby right away!

The Wonderful Recovery Of The Cat

Shortly after being rescued from the Cat House, it was found to have Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which afflicts less than 1% of house felines. 

But thanks to some tender loving care, Toby soon recovered fully, and within just three weeks, his lifelong dreams of having a family were finally coming true.

Toby was very fortunate when he was taken in by a wonderful woman named Michele Puckett and given the love he deserved at such a young age.

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One of the first cats to be inducted into our rescue program, Mr. Toby is a naughty boy who is relatively sociable and well-liked by his peers. 

He now lives in a well-run household with some fluffball buddies and some humans. That is where he has already found some cozy napping places and made his owner's beds warm during a cold winter night.

Reaction About This Story

Users of the SPCA of Wake County's Facebook page reacted to the news with excitement and rage.

"Pamela Jewel said, "I’m so happy that humane people finally adopted him. His old owners don’t deserve to have any other animal." 

"I couldn’t believe that they had to initiate putting him down when he was in good health," Bonita Smith said. "Just because we live close to nature doesn't mean that we have to take our pets outside and let them wander."


Cats and dogs may disagree on many things, but there is one quality that both loyal friends have in common: love. 

Hope that after reading about a smart cat has walked more than 20km, readers can be aware of how to care for their pets. Thank you for your time reading, and we hope to see you more in the next articles!

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