Embed Program Helps California Kitten Rescue Expand Fundraising

Since 2016, Little Lion has played a vital role in helping to improve the health of cats in Long Beach by providing extensive preventative care and low-cost treatments to both adult pets and kittens. 

Program Helps California Kitten Rescue Expand Fundraising

It also offers free flea treatments for any cats whose owners cannot afford them. This makes it much easier for families living on a tight budget to provide quality care for their cats. 

With the pressures of an ever-increasing number of animals that come into their shelters every day due to a national pandemic, Little Lion was in dire need of some changes.

Embed Program Helps California Kitten Rescue Expand Fundraising

Thankfully, help came when Best Friends Animal Society decided to lend the helping to Little Lion with their embed program. The program works just as hard at other nonprofit tasks, including engaging with communities and raising money for critical care costs. 

Claudia - CEO of Little Lion - says that one of their primary reasons for contacting the organization was a chance to widen the shelter's existing space. With that, they have to take on larger overhead, double lease payments, transportation costs, and utility which can cost up to $400,000 per year.

To ensure the organization's financial viability moving forward, they would have to find more funding resources available than previously ever imagined. That’s the motive for Best Friends’ intention - a program helps California Kitten Rescue expand fundraising.

Trish Tolbert - a member of the embed program - says that one of the most important and effective skills any organization can have is knowing how to impress potential donors with their budget plan. 

Writing a fully fleshed-out budget, including medical care, equipment requirement, fostering, etc., is very important as this will tell you what you may need from donors and which suppliers to seek out. 

The management of current resources is vital for establishments in transition. But because CEOs are so preoccupied with lifesaving matters, it's asking too much for them to just all of a sudden develop fundraising skills. 

However, future planning on finance is something great organizations always do, and Claudia should be prepared for that.

Making A Bright Future

As the founder of Little Lion, Claudia is proceeding to transform the center from an amateur organization into one that prides professionalism concerning fundraising. 

The initial goal was to make every aspect of their organization run as smoothly as possible and provide a bright financial future to help better more and more animal lives over time.

By founding a development team alongside several in-kind donations already being committed by several local companies, Claudia's organization is now starting to see results from their great struggle.

Director of Best Friends - Michelle Logan shares that teaching organizations how to fundraise and scale up is a vital part of the program. 

Best Friends is there to help with urgent needs like purchasing more pet food or supplies. But helping partners learn to raise fundraising themselves is critical in ensuring long-term sustainability.

Fundraising For Animal Care

How will Claudia utilize the extra funds they anticipate receiving? The answer is to help them expand their kitten care, especially when it comes down to more routine animal care expenses like food and medicine.

Program Helps California Kitten Rescue Expand Fundraising - Fundraising For Animal Care

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It's also important to have more funds on hand to properly manage trauma cases like Owen's. When Owen came in, he suffered from numerous external and internal injuries. 

If a kitten needs its leg amputated, it costs $1,600. Or in case a kitten's eyes need to be removed, another $1,000 should be spent. Additionally, the surgery in which a kitten will be spayed or neutered could cost between $125 and $160.

Bottom Lines

Claudia is going to reopen Little Lion in April to showcase its new look and revitalized mission. The group will use the event as an opportunity to thank donors for their support and encourage others to contribute in various ways. 

She will also be showcasing other organizations on the display of donations known as the "Donor Wall", especially Best Friends Animal Society, which has offered an embed program - a program helps California Kitten Rescue expand fundraising.

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