Pigeons Are Finding Love Again: The Story Behind It

Pigeons are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet. They are excellent locators with built-in processes that assist them in finding their way home across long distances.

Pigeons are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet. They are excellent locators with built-in processes that assist them in finding their way home across long distances.

Unfortunately, this is also what started the pigeon race, and many birds were abandoned. Here's the story about 18 birds; those pigeons are finding love again after being apart for a long time.

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A Story Of The Pigeon Race

A Story Of The Pigeon Race

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Here is how the “Pigeons are finding love again” story begins:

18 birds are taken hundreds of miles away as the beginning point for a pigeon race. And the major ending point is at their home, where they are nurtured and cared for by people.

They will be released and individually timed based on the distance traveled to return home as soon as feasible. However, not every pigeon makes it to the finish line. Some were swerved, exhausted, or hurt and had to land.

In such instances, each pigeon will have to save themselves by approaching neighboring people for assistance. There is a messgage on their legs so that one can contact the pigeon’s owner to bring them back home.

The unfortunate problem is that the owner does not always accept them. Because the doves could not complete their race, the owners no longer wanted to do so.

And these 18 birds were in such a case when they arrived at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. After being rescued by concerned citizens, they were gathered at a local animal rehabilitation center and were turned away by the old owners.

However, the Rehab center had established a program to rehabilitate and eventually release them, not to keep them permanently. These birds could not live in the wild since humans had nurtured them. So, it’s a must to bring them to the Sanctuary.

Pigeons Are Finding Love Again After The Race

Pigeons Are Finding Love Again After The Race

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Pigeons Need Love And Care

Following the perils of the race, those birds will need to start seeking a secure landing spot, a warm house, and a loving family.

They are now in need of new human families. They all had families of their own before the “marathon”, so they wanted to finish it.

They were partnered and encouraged to rear chicks before the race began. Then, pairs of pigeons are separated and brought back to the beginning site to be exhibited to their mates.

That is what motivates them. It was difficult enough for those birds to finish a race, but when a pigeon failed to arrive on time, they lost their home and their entire family.

These 18 Birds Are Back To Their Happy Lives

Dove love, on the other hand, may bloom again. Yes, pigeons are finding love again. Some birds have found new partners among the Sanctuary's current species. 

King and Spade grew friends in a flock of approximately 50 birds, Hedwig found a partner, and Elliot kept an eye on his new companion.

Brianna said: "If pigeons lose a mate, they will find a new one. Many of them were with friends at the center, so they didn't feel lonely, and a lot of them have stuck with their friends ever since."

Source: Flickr

Brianna and her personnel at the institution are working hard to ensure that the birds no longer have to endure the agony of separation. When doves are adopted and arrive in their new home, they are accompanied by their mates.

After forming new ties, these educated, passionate birds eventually receive their well-deserved rest. The ultimate objective of every bird, after all, is a suitable retirement into their own new house. 

Pigeons create intimate links with their humans in the same way as they bond with one another. So, they will flap their wings once more in search of a comfy, warm, and joyful home.


The story of the race of pigeons is sad but also very happy at the end. Although they are abandoned by their owners and have to leave their families to a very far place, pigeons are finding love again and have a new family, a new home now.

Hopefully, after finishing the competition, the other birds will all find happiness themselves and have a happy life.

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