Is Garlic Salt Good For You? What Makes It That Famous?

Those who have a passion for cuisine will surely hear about garlic salt- It appears in many dishes such as pasta, toast, etc. Yet, have you ever wondered why it is that famous? Is garlic salt good for you? Scroll down this article to find out the answers and other facts about it!

What Is Garlic Salt?

It is a condiment made from a mixture of dried ground allium sativum and salt. The proportion of allium sativum  powder to salt is 1:3. It can also include an anti-caking agent. 

Moreover, this type of seasoning has a slight smell. The main ingredient of it is still salt, so it is used like regular seasoning when cooking.

As Allium sativum is in the composition of this type of spice, is garlic good for you?

This seasoning has many beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Hence, it has healing properties such as lowering cholesterol, improving memory, etc. Due to these components, this spice is indeed beneficial to our health! 

 Is Garlic Salt Good For You? Source: Pixabay

Is Garlic Salt Good For You? 

This seasoning contains allium sativum, making it a very healthy spice. So, is garlic salt good for you? - Certainly, yes! It has seven main uses. Let’s have a closer look at each benefit below!

Increases the taste of food 

The mild aroma of this spice makes dishes richer and more distinctive. It helps chefs have more selections of spices to create delectable dishes.

On cold days, what could be better than enjoying a grilled beef burger and mashed potatoes sprinkled with a layer of this seasoning on the top? The mild and pleasant odor mixed with the aroma of grilled meat will make you unforgettable. 

Aids weight loss 

If you are on a diet, this condiment will be a wonderful choice for you. It comprises allium sativum which not only boosts metabolism and burns belly fat but also helps limit appetite. 

However, is garlic salt bad for you? Everything has its two sides. Although it is helpful in weight loss, its main component is still salt. Therefore, eaters should use it in moderation to limit the excess of salt that increases the risks of stomach ulcers. 

Improves heart health

Another benefit of this kind of seasoning is decreasing the risks of heart disease. Apart from regulating cholesterol levels, it also helps avert cell damage. This will make a good influence on heart health. Thus, you should consider adding this condiment when cooking.

Helps stabilize BP Level 

According to WHO statistics, many people have problems with blood pressure. That is why many people are seeking healthy food. Stabilizing blood pressure is one of the reasons why many people use this seasoning. 

It has the effect of dilating blood vessels, which helps blood flow easily and lowers the blood pressure to the required level. Thus, hypertensive patients often use the seasoning instead of regular table salt to reduce blood pressure. 

 Is Garlic Salt Good For You? - Helps stabilize BP Level Source: Pexels 

Be beneficial for diabetics

The benefits of this spice in the treatment of diabetes may make you no longer wonder “Is garlic salt good for you?”

Since it helps lower high blood sugar levels, people use it for health purposes. This type of salt is helpful for those facing diabetes. Thanks to it, the amount of insulin in your blood increases naturally -  This helps keep sugar levels in check. 

Fights cancer 

Cancer is a dangerous disease that no one wants to have. So, people are paying more and more attention to what they eat. An interesting fact is that this spice contributes to diminishing the risk of cancer. Consequently, it is a great selection when choosing seasonings. 

The antioxidants appearing in this type of salt are tremendously valuable for the body. It has effects in fighting cancer by removing free radicals and oxidative stress. Moreover, it also helps inhibit and prevent cancer cells. 

Improves digestion

One of the reasons you should have at least a jar of this seasoning at home is that it is extremely good for digestion. 

The sulfur-containing compounds help treat inflammatory disorders. In addition, there is a lot of fiber in the seasoning. Fiber is a bulking agent that helps stools move smoothly through the digestive tract. 

Is Garlic Powder The Same as Garlic Salt? 

Some people usually confuse garlic salt vs garlic powder, but they are not the same in reality. The main difference between them is the amount of salt. 

So, does garlic powder have sodium? The composition of allium sativum powder includes a sodium content, but it is much lower than the other one.

How Can I Make Garlic Salt At Home? 

After knowing the answer to the question “Is garlic salt good for you?” and the simple ingredient of this seasoning, we totally can make it at home. 

Firstly, mix the peeled allium sativum and salt in a ratio of 1:3. Then, bring it to a food processor to have a thick paste with the color of moist sand.

Subsequently, spread it evenly all over the tray, and bake for 60 minutes. After baking, the mixture will dry, clump, and become lighter in color. 

Next, take the mixture back into the blender to make it into powder. Finally, pour the seasoning mixture into a glass jar to preserve. 

Can I Consume Too Much Garlic Salt?

We certainly cannot consume too much of it. Though it brings certain health sakes, adding too much of anything can be harmful to health. 

Particularly, it causes unpleasant sensations such as abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea, etc. 

As the spice consists of high sodium content, overdoing it may raise blood pressure and increase stomach cancer risks. 

Final Thoughts

So, is garlic salt good for you? - Yes, indeed. It offers several benefits to our health! However, note that consuming anything brings you no good. Thank you for reading this blog, and see you next time!

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