Do You Know Hurricane Harvey Brings Together Heroes For Pets? Here Is All

It is necessary to say that hurricane Harvey brings together heroes for pets. These are people helping each other in the wake of the hurricane. We have seen many stories about the people who have been affected by the hurricane.

As communities adjust to the loss of homes, businesses in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters are coming together to help rebuild communities. Military members and agencies are helping out their community by doing what they do best – their jobs! 

Between shifts at their "real jobs," these people have stepped in to help ensure displaced pets get the medical attention they need and that any pets on-site during the disaster were properly cared for until owners were able to make it back home (if at all possible).

 Do You Know Hurricane Harvey Brings Together Heroes For Pets? Here Is All - Bfnwes harvey heroes

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Animal rescues are fairly easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. However, it can be a little more challenging to tell apart one rescue group from another because their members all tend to share one thing in common: an avid love and concern for animals of all kinds. 

Though they may wear badges or logos from different groups outside or while they work, they share one important badge of honor for doing good: rescuing and helping animals in need.

Take Some Time To Walk Dogs

Michael Marmolejo, a US Marshal based out of Houston, Texas, was part of the cleanup efforts after Hurricane Harvey hit his city. He didn't expect that he'd be helping dogs during the cleanup, but he noticed people walking dogs on his way back to base one day. 

He stopped someone to ask about these pups and what they were doing. It turns out that they were volunteers bringing dogs they had rescued from the floods to the temporary shelter with Best Friends Animal Society. 

Now Michael is a part of the team helping reunite as many animals as possible with their families separated by the storm.

Michael became more than a volunteer, and he took care of more than 350 dogs that needed food, exercise, and attention. He walked his dog over to where his friends were stationed before they started coming too.

The Passionate Person Coming Together

Holly says after a long day of demanding labor, those in uniform are still willing to work generous hours caring for animals.

After Hurricane Harvey, Michael helped those in need by volunteering at the animal shelter. He thinks that the people should not be forgotten, especially after a disaster, as he found out that animals are in need too. The experience left an impression on him even though it only took place over ten days.

Michael says how he admires the hard work shown by the shelter workers. He reports that they had seen many people hard at work and expressed their appreciation; it is indicative of the passion they feel for the animal welfare cause.

Some Last Words

We hope you enjoyed this writing about how hurricane Harvey brings together heroes for pets. Thanks to all of the heroes out there, thousands of pets have been saved and are now safe in shelters. We know that you can be a hero too!

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