A Rock Band Made Up Of Cats - Is It Real?

Cats' energy has the power to make a difference. So could a rock band made up of cats change the world? This blog will examine the different aspects of this band and why they are a great example of how you can market into your business. Let's see!

Is It Possible A Rock Band Made Up Of Cats?

A rock band made up of cats would be quite the spectacle. We were like, "Whuuuuuuuuuh?" when we first saw a group of cats play music in unison. But it's all for real! 

Cats performed in a rock band and played drums, piano, and guitar! They received a standing ovation from the audience and became an instant internet sensation!

We were amazed to discover cats could play instruments during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

So stop by the Jam Handy on Grand Boulevard from October 20 to 24 and let these beautiful cats bring out the best in you and your friends! In fact, it may even be the ideal complement to your fun-filled calendar for next week!

As a result, they made it big because they were really good at what they did. That's the same reason why a band of cats might make it big.

What Will A Rock Band Cats Show Contain?

Source: Redandblack

This show will consist of two segments: 

The first section consists of tricks performed by cats only — things you probably couldn't get your cat to do even if you tried very hard. 

The second is a rock band concert performance including cats on instruments or the keyboard with fantastic music! So consider going paws and taking the leap to join us for this fantastic experience.

The performance will feature acrobatic cat feats, including a cat walking a tightrope, balancing and rolling on a ball across the floor, and riding a skateboard. Alley even recently holds two Guinness world records for most cats' videos on YouTube.

The big finale will include an all-cat band, Tuna, and the Rock Cats. Tuna on cowbell, Asti on drums, Oz on guitar, and Nue holding down the fort on a keyboard make up the current band lineup. Currently, the chicken shown is not slated to debut. 

According to individuals associated with the organizers, these acrobatic cats are solely trained via positive reinforcement clicker training.

On the other hand, Samantha Martin, founder of the organization, said she used her experience as a pet owner and an animal lover to find homes for many cats & kittens.

In addition to providing a fun experience and supporting a local small business, this event will also benefit charity initiatives.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a rock band made up of cats is so amazing! Some of the proceeds from this event will go toward helping animals get adopted and have a home. Hopefully, you will take a moment to think about these animals' plight and possibly make a donation. 

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