A Dog Named Boy - Optimism Even In The Worse Situation

A dog named Boy is an important member of the Banillas, so it was such a terrible experience for them to leave Boy behind in the hurricane. Boy was her daughter’s dog, Rose. But she died unexpectedly in February, so Boy is what they left.


A dog named Boy is an important member of the Banillas, so it was such a terrible experience for them to leave Boy behind in the hurricane. Boy was her daughter’s dog, Rose. But she died unexpectedly in February, so Boy is what they left.

Her family gradually gets used to a new life without Rose. But when everything seemed slightly fine, this hurricane came and destroyed all their effort when it made them separate from Boy.

When The Hurricane Harvey Strikes

When a dog named Boy came to their family, he was just a little puppy. He is Rose’s close friend because he always spends time staying and protecting her, and the Bonillas can see that he loves “his Rose” so much.

Sadly, “his Rose” died and left him alone unexpectedly. Thus, the kids and Boy had to live with Zoey in Vidor. They gradually tried to get used to a new life without Rose, and then this terrible hurricane hit. Just in a short year, they have to suffer so much pain.

As Zoey said, the rain lasted for days in their area. Although the apartment’s residents assured that they would be fine and this was not a severe problem, it was not the truth. 

Firstly, the water started to fill the parking lot, so Zoey needed to move her car higher. Then, water gradually increased and moved to some apartments. 

Although they don’t have any sandbags, they still tried their best to stop it, Zoey shared. She asked the kids to move upstairs when she realized the water had reached their ankles. 

They used trash bags instead of sandbags. They tied these bags firmly and put them at the doorways to prevent water from flooding into their apartment.

Zoey quickly moved some valuable things to a higher place and persuaded Boy to go because she knew the water wouldn’t stop. The next day, they received the bad news that some rivers were overflowing and the water could creep up to nearly five feet.

Zoey decided to help the kids get out of the apartment because the water reached their waist.

A Dog Named Boy Is Left Behind

Finally, the boats came to rescue them from the flooded building. However, Zoey shared with tears, Boy was too afraid to jump to the boat because he was afraid of water. Zoey didn’t want to leave Boy behind, but the rescuers were eager to hurry up because many people waited.

Some neighbors and friends promised to take care of him, so Zoey agreed. The night later, her neighbor called him to tell him that they had to leave, but they left some food and drink for Boy, and they remembered to open the window so Boy would be more comfortable. Zoey didn’t want to leave Boy alone in the flooded building, so she rescued him.

Rescuing Boy

She found her cousin to contact rescuers in the flooded place. After a long time, a dog named Boy was awakened when the rescuer kicked the door. Zoey said Boy must be ready to leave the building because he went with the rescuer immediately without any fuss.

The rescuer may like Boy; he said he would adopt Boy if Zoey had any reasons for not raising him. But Zoey denied it right away because Boy is her daughter’s friend.

Volunteers take care of pets

Rescue dogs from flood

Boy Joins Pets From The Hurricane

Best Friend set up a shelter center in Conroe, where a dog named Boy was taken to. At the same time, Zoey and her kids moved to another shelter located in Dallas, a place that didn’t allow pets. Boy lives with more than 500 pets from the shelter in Conroe and other nearby areas in the rescue center. The staff and volunteers here took care of them and tried to help them reunite their families.

Boy Waits For Reunion With Zoey

When a dog named Boy first came to the Pet Reunion Pavilion, he was so scared, but the volunteers here made an effort to make him comfortable and relaxed after such a horrible disaster. Now, he is better and gets used to volunteers here because he knows they want him to be happy. And he always wags his tail when he is fed, and he even sits next to the one who feeds him.

Zoey decided to stay in Dallas, and she is trying to have a home for all of her family because they lost their old home in the hurricane. This year is awful, but we will restart another happy time, she says positively. 

Zoey is looking forward to seeing Boy again, and she appreciates all the effort of the rescuers and the volunteers at the Pet Reunion Pavilion. Ultimately, Zoey succeeded in keeping her family safe, and she felt grateful for it.

Volunteers take care of pets

Volunteers take care of pets


After so much pain, we believe Zoey will have a better year next year with her beloved grandkids and a dog named Boy. In this hurricane, they lost everything, including their car or home, but fortunately, they didn’t lose an important thing called family, thanks to rescuers and volunteers at Best Friends.

Thanks for your reading, and we will see you soon.

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